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CSSA's Frequently Asked Questions

The Center for Service-Learning and Social Action is dedicated to engaging students in meaningful service experiences and advocating for social change. Our FAQ section provides answers to commonly asked questions about our mission, activities, and services. Visitors can learn more about our organization, our commitment to service, and the impact of our initiatives. We also offer information on how to get involved and how to find volunteer opportunities. Lastly, we provide resources to help people stay informed and connected with our work.

How can I register for one-time service opportunities? 

You can easily find and register for one-time service opportunities through our CSSA GivePulse page. You can easily browse through opportunities and register for as many as you want. Signing up is easy and can be done right from the page. We look forward to having you join us in one-time service opportunities!

How do I track my service hours if I am at a self-placement? 

CSSA tracks self-placement service hours using the timesheet function in GivePulse. See this how-to video for time sheets below for more information! 

 Who do I contact if I have a conflict at my service time?

Service is mandatory and absences will only be excused under special circumstances. Our community partners depend on JCU students to come to service every week. Please make an effort to attend each of the 10 sessions throughout the semester. If you do have a special circumstance, email your excuse and the date you will be absent as much in advance as possible. 

Can I register for service as a group with my friends, team or club?

Yes! We encourage friends to sign up for weekly and one-time service opportunities together. If you have larger groups such as a JCU sports team, feel free to reach out to us ( so that we can set up a service opportunity that can accommodate your entire group. 

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