Photo of all Meet CLE Participants
August 25th


Meet CLE 2022




What is 'Meet CLE'?

Meet CLE is part of 'Living the Mission' Day at JCU.

Sponsored by the Center for Service-Learning and Social Action (CSSA), 'Meet CLE' is an opportunity to engage with all Cleveland has to offer on Living the Mission Day.

From service at JCU's community partners around the city, lunch along Lake Erie, and fun activities throughout the Flats and Wendy Park to explore the area, Meet CLE provides First-Year JCU students all kinds of fun and exploration.

Check out the day's schedule, as well as different activities and community partners to register for on Living the Mission Day!



Spend the morning at community partner sites around Cleveland. Check out some of the activities offered by our community partners below.
Register to spend the morning at one of these activities from 9:30-11:30AM.


Afternoon Activities

After lunch at Whiskey Island and Wendy Park, you will embark on an afternoon activity exploring Cleveland - whether that's on a bike, in a dragon boat, on foot, or even playing beach volleyball!

Check out the activities below for the afternoon to see what you might do between 1:00-3:00pm.


(Make sure to check all of the requirements of your chosen activity to ensure you can participate!)


Paddle a Dragon Boat!

Paddle a Dragon Boat!

Paddle around the Cuyahoga River in the Flats!


Join a team of paddlers and a drummer to guide your pace as you row a dragon boat along the Cuyahoga River! This is such a unique way to see the Flats and Irish Town Bend around Cleveland.

(You must know how to swim to participate.)

Take an Environmental Tour!

Go on a walking tour of nearby parks and areas of CLE!


Not feeling like paddling or pedaling but still want to explore? Take a walking tour around the local area of the Flats and Wendy Park, led by the Cleveland Metroparks! You'll learn some cool facts and get some exercise while you're at it!

Ride a Bike!

Tour the Flats and Towpath on a bike from OCBC!


Strap on your helmet and stretch those legs! Riding a bike around the Flats and Cleveland's Metroparks is a great way to explore the city. You'll learn about the history of Cleveland too!

(You must know how to ride a bike to participate.)

Play Games by the Lake!

Play beach volleyball and lawn games on the shores of Lake Erie!


Not up for exploring but still want to have fun? Check out the beach volleyball courts and lawn games setup at Wendy Park! This is a fun activity to meet new folks, have a little competition, and take in the lakeside views Cleveland has to offer!