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Learn: Healthcare Bias During COVID-19

COVID-19 may not discriminate based on race — but U.S. health care does.

Health officials have stressed that novel coronavirus doesn’t discriminate based on race or ethnicity. But disparities long present in the U.S. medical system are now driving what some call a crisis within a crisis: black and brown communities across the country are being hit harder, and with fewer resources to save them. Amna Nawaz talks to Dr. Uché Blackstock of Advancing Health Equity. Watch this video from PBS to learn more.

The Coronavirus Doesn't Discriminate, But U.S. Health Care Shows Familiar Biases.

The new coronavirus doesn't discriminate. But physicians in public health and on the front lines say that in the response to the pandemic, they can already see the emergence of familiar patterns of racial and economic bias. Listen to the NPR segment to learn more.

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