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Tips to Staying Healthy

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

From Dr. Mike Martin's messaging to students.

Don't be TOO inactive (thanks to Dr. Jackie Zera, Exercise Science)

Staying healthy during this time is central to our mission of reducing the spread of COVID-19. As such, it is important to remember that your immune system is significantly affected by diet, stress, sleep, and exercise. While we want you to be relatively "socially" inactive, it is very beneficial to keep your body moving to boost your immune system and reduce stress. The relationship between exercise and immunity is what we call a J-curve. On one end of the spectrum, being sedentary makes you vulnerable to infections like colds and flus, including the coronavirus. On the other end of the spectrum, running yourself down too much with too much high intensity exercise, stress, lack of sleep, etc., can make you vulnerable as well. However, exercising moderately, getting our 150 minutes of moderate to high physical activity a week that can be done in as little as ten minute bouts, will reduce your risk for these infections.

Therefore, over the next few weeks, as we transition our classes to an online format, remember to make time to get up and move your body every day. One important thing to keep in mind, given the recommendations to implement social distancing and avoid crowds, is WHERE you should be exercising. While you may be used to spending your winter and early spring months at the gym for exercise, consider getting outside and going for a walk, taking a bike ride, or trading the treadmill for the track. The combination of exercise, sunshine (optimistic, we know...), and fresh air can boost your immune system, combat stress, improve your mood and give you more positive energy to embrace this new challenge.

Mental health concerns:

Mental health concerns are important. The document provided from the Counseling Center outlines their availability and programming. In-person and phone consultations with counselors are available.

Dimitrios Tsatiris (BS ‘06-JCU, MD ‘10-Toledo), a psychiatrist, has offered thoughtful advice on how to cope with anxiety from the Coronavirus in his blog HERE

We are working towards launching telebehavioral health consultations via Zoom, and will communicate to the JCU community when they are ready. Until then, students can schedule phone consultations by calling 216-397-4283 or emailing

Student Food Pantry (Thanks to Sr. Katherine Feely)

The JCU Student Food Pantry will remain open M-F 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and available for any student who needs it. Stop in to Residence Life for the key and they will be happy to provide it.

Check out JCU's health updates at

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