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#MyMagisMessage: Drew Kleinmann '21

Our #MyMagisMessage for the week comes from Drew Kleinmann, a senior Accounting major and Entrepreneurship minor from Buffalo, NY!

At which service sites / community partners have you served or been a student liaison?

I have served served with Fatima Family Center, Refugee Response Farm, LMM, Griot Village, and St. Thomas Aquinas School.

If you had to state your life mission off the top of your head, in one sentence, what would it be?

I want to surround myself with people who will bring out the best in me and to be a person who brings out the best in others.

One theme that this last year of college during a pandemic has shown me, is that you need to cherish the things you love to do. Doing service and being around CSSA has been a staple of my time at JCU. When I think of "magis" and doing more with the life we have, I think serving others couldn't be more fitting. The good feeling I get when I set up an event like Jesuit Day of Service (JDOS) or drive a group of students to do service as a liaison is one I really don't get many places. So recently with the pandemic going on, I have strived to find that good feeling in any way I can. Even though that might just be through little things like helping out my grandma, FaceTiming an old friend, or picking up laptops to drop off at the LMM Men's Shelter, the good feeling of serving someone else is SO worth it. As the student leadership team at CSSA says, try to keep the positivity wave alive in these times so that we can "live the magis" and keep serving those who are hurting the most.


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