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#MyMagisMessage: Izzy Tolin '21

Our #MyMagisMessage for the week comes from Izzy Tolin, a senior Sociology and Criminology and Gender Sexuality Women’s Studies double major from Willoughby!

At which service sites / community partners have you served or been a student liaison?

I have served with Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry Chopping For Change and Lobo Lab K-3 Story Time.

If you had to state your life mission off the top of your head, in one sentence, what would it be?

Be the voice for others who may not be able to use their own to help, advocate and be welcoming of all backgrounds.

My senior year has not brought me the joy of being able to graduate, it brought me questions of where am I destined to be. I have been questioning myself about where I will flourish and be able to be my best self for not only myself but others. I know I am not alone, other seniors I bet feel the same exact way. What are we meant to do in life? The pandemic has been scary for not only me, but my family too. Worrying about loved ones and their safety not only during a pandemic, but everyday. The pandemic has really made me reflect on what I am destined to do in life. I want to be there for others who cannot be there for themselves. This is one positive realization that has come into my life since the pandemic started, and that is I have decided to apply to post-graduate nursing programs so I am able to advocate and help others who may not be able to. I know the pandemic has brought so many fears and other feelings that may be hard for people to get through their everyday lives. Seniors want to be able to walk at graduation, go on an immersion trip or be able to socialize and create lasting memories with friends. My biggest advice I have given to myself is to take this time during the pandemic to really reflect on what is important to me, which is helping and advocating for others. I think it's so important during this time to do what you love. Spend time with the people who mean most to you and really reflect on the memorable moments that keep you going everyday. I challenge each and every person to go do something or be with someone everyday that will make you feel joy and happiness.

Doing service and working for CSSA these past four years has helped me to grow into the person I strive to be. I have been able to open my mind to social justice issues and why advocating so is important. Doing service for and with others is the best thing JCU has helped me continue in my life. It has motivated me to take on a larger role in my future of being a healthcare worker and impacted my future destinations in life. Finding this group of individuals has helped me to build meaningful relationships and ones that will carry me with me for the future. I want to thank everyone who is a part of CSSA and students and faculty for the endless joy and happiness, not only for the past four years but during this unprecedented time.


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