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#MyMagisMessage: Ray Flannery '22

Our #MyMagisMessage for the week comes from Ray Flannery, a junior Sociology major and Population Public Health, Spanish, and Leadership minor from Hinckley, OH!

At which service sites / community partners have you served or been a student liaison?

I have served at Green City Growers, Griot Village, Roxboro Middle School, and I am currently serving with Rainbow Connects at University Hospital. I have also experienced several one-time service opportunities and substitute drives to community partners such as Boys Hope Girls Hope and St. Martin De Porres High School.

If you had to state your life mission off the top of your head, in one sentence, what would it be?

I'm constantly trying to adapt and keep a level head while looking for ways to identify and accomplish my goals-- with a dose of creativity.

Service has been the through line of my JCU experience so far. From living the mission day during Streak Week my first year to becoming a service liaison, I instantly fell in love with the ability to foster relationships with community partners alongside JCU peers. I have loved getting to take the lead on several different service placements and throwing myself right into the thick of the task at hand- whether it be harvesting crops from a hydroponic garden or tutoring local students. I try to live the magis by identifying the best ways I can give the most of myself to the community. I have learned so many valuable lessons with CSSA and I truly cannot stress how much I appreciate the connections this organization has given me. My service experience before attending John Carroll was fairly limited but now, I have a renewed perspective on what it means to be a man for and with others and I have uncovered what I am truly striving to become.


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