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Reflection in Action: Sydney Burger '25

Our reflection for the week comes from Sydney

Burger, a Freshman majoring in Communications and Political Science!

Which community partner will you be writing about? Briefly describe their mission and the population they serve.

Boys Hope Girls Hope offers students with a 7 year academy and residential program that provides opportunity to students from low income communities. BHGH provides their scholars with 7 years of support through academic lessons, developing life skills, and help gaining a higher education. BHGH helps scholars reach their full academic and professional potential by providing them with unique learning opportunities and continual support.

What did you have to unlearn to be fully present to those you are working with?

To be fully present with those I am working with, I had to unlearn the idea that one can succeed academically with hard work and time dedication. There are many other factors that go into a successful education. Education inequality is very prevalent in society. Kids living in impoverished areas tend to have worse quality of schools and less support from family at home. One can't just succeed without high quality support and resources. BHGH challenges to lessen the education gap by trying to match the resources privileged kids receive at home and in school. Empowering kids from different socioeconomic backgrounds and acknowledging privilege in society is important to lessening education inequality.

What is one way in which you’ve allowed yourself to be changed as a result of this experience?

Working with the kids at BHGH has allowed me embrace my fun and childlike side. I have grown in my patience and optimism working with the kids every week. I find myself embracing new sides of me I don't often see. Whether it's playing hide & seek, racing across the yard, playing basketball, or coloring I find myself laughing and running around with the kids every week. The kids at BHGH have taught me about great rays of positivity and optimism. No matter the mood I walk into BHGH with I always leave with a smile on my face and a fun story to share.


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