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Reflection of the Week: Molly Killeen on working with Senior Populations

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I have had the pleasure of serving at multiple different senior service locations and I loved every moment of it! My first experience at John Carroll working with the senior population was at Montefiore, a senior care facility in Beachwood, OH. At Montefiore, I worked with a 92 year old woman and we created a strong relationship together. My main project was to create a scrapbook for the woman with memories from her life. This was very impactful for me, because she got to reminisce and share her story with me, and I was able to capture that in a scrapbook. 

I then served at Eliza Bryant for two semesters. The first semester I worked with a woman during the Music and Memory Program. Every week, I met with the same woman and we listened to a playlist she created full of songs that she loves. It was such a simple thing that we did together, but it was so meaningful. She had a memory deficit, so the songs she added to her playlist would spark memories and stories that she would share with me. She had so much wisdom to share and I learned so much from her. She also had so many amazing, classic songs on her playlist that I enjoyed listening to.

I learned so much from the individuals I met at Eliza Bryant, that I decided to return the next semester and do the Nail Spa weekly service activity. We had the opportunity to paint the nails of the residents every week, it was so much fun. I would play music and my fellow John Carroll peer and I would talk and gives the ladies, and sometimes men, manicures. Every week the same individuals would come to get their nails done, so we were able to make wonderful relationships with many of them. On our last day at Eliza Bryant, the women made us cookies as a thank you. I have learned so much from my time working with the senior population. I especially loved hearing their wisdom, stories and experiences. The senior population is such an important part of our society and have contributed and will continue contributing so much. 


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