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Service Challenge: Write Letters to Senior Citizens

Looking for a way to connect with senior citizens from your service site? Are you wanting to reach out to people who may be isolated during this time? Take on our Service Challenge!

Write letters to uplift senior citizens during this period of social distancing! Seniors are one of the most vulnerable populations to the virus. Social distancing has led older adults to be isolated from their loved ones. It’s extremely important during this time to ensure that seniors are positively engaged and supported during COVID-19.

Write letters to residents at Eliza Bryant Village, a senior care facility and one of JCU's community partners. If you feel comfortable, share your own address so that seniors write you back. You can also put CSSA's address in the return section if you would rather not share your own address.

Letters to Eliza Bryant Village can be sent to:

Eliza Bryant Village

Attn. Joan Palumbo

7201 Wade Park Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44103

Some tips:

  • Embrace creativity! Share a poem or insert a small drawing into the letter.

  • Pretend that you're in the room actually talking with them. Make your letters detailed, thoughtful and heartfelt.

  • Be kind and thoughtful (more than talking about yourself). You might not receive a letter back, so remember that the possibility of no reciprocation attached is part of the beauty of your act of kindness. Also, the recipients will not feel burdened by feeling obligated or being unable to respond during this time.

  • Be encouraging and uplifting - make the letters cheerful to put the seniors in good moods.

  • Share your act of kindness! On social media, tag @jcu_cssa on Instagram and use hashtags #servecle and #jcucssa so we can see your work!

Our weekly challenges provide a way for you to stay involved with the community from home. Start your challenge now!



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