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TED Talk of the Week: The Art of Being Yourself, Presented by Caroline McHugh

Presented by Caroline McHugh. Watch the TED Talk HERE.

"But when you look in a True Mirror you don’t look at yourself, you look for yourself. You look for revelation, not for reassurance. And this was deeply interesting to me because what I do for a living is I help people be themselves. Not in any narcissistic or solipsistic way, but because I believe that social reformation begins — always starts with the individual."

Questions for Reflection:

"The only job that is yours on the planet is to be good at being you and not anybody else." What is the unique gift that is yours to bring to the world?

"When you are yourself you are fabulous." Who do you think you are? As you look at the true reflection only you see, who are you?

What do you expect from life and what does life expect from you?

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