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Hear from CSSA Alumni

At the Center for Service-Learning and Social Action, we are committed to making a difference and creating positive change. Share your stories, memories, and experiences with us, and be part of the journey towards a better world!

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Mary Sessions '22

"My involvements with CSSA directly impacted where I am now. They gave me a space to serve in the community, discuss and process the impacts of injustice, grow with peers, taught me problem solving skills, gave me incredible mentors, and provided the space to grow as a strong leader. I couldn't be more grateful that I was able to get involved with CSSA. This department represents the heart and soul of John Carroll!" 

Sean Freeman '19

"CSSA inspired me to continue going to places and events in and around Cleveland that might make me stand out or be uncomfortable for the purpose of learning more about the obstacles people face and find the solutions to common problems."

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Valentina Powell '19

valentina powell.jpeg

"After graduation, I did a summer internship in NYC that involved teaching underprivileged youth about the scientific method and using that for their research topic (which involved gentrification and obesity in their Bronx Neighborhood). I then went to form a committee with my hometown's mayor to tackle similar issues with living in a food desert and how that hurts the community. I was part of multiple local community organizations and church's to give people access to resources during the pandemic and its residual effects. My work as an ER medical scribe opened my eyes to issues in hospital systems that I want to work to correct, so I changed my course and decided to go to law school. I also started and continue to run a Blog page on social media called Woman Wednesday to be a platform for women's voices and be an empowering force for women since Fall 2019."

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