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Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Summer In The City Internship By Natalie Larkman '22

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) is a non-profit coalition of service providers, housing activists, members, and people experiencing homelessness. The mission of NEOCH is to organize and empower homeless and at-risk men, women and children to break the cycle of poverty through public education, advocacy and the creation of nurturing environments.

Formally the successor to the Emergency Shelter Coalition, NEOCH brings together diverse interests – from religious groups to people living on the streets to social service providers – with the common goal of finding solutions to homelessness. Some projects and partnerships they work with include the publication of The Cleveland Street Chronicle, co-sponsorship of the Stand Down service fair, coordination of the Homeless Congress, sponsorship of the Homeless Candlelight Vigil, publication of various Street Cards, the construction of a host of educational and advocacy activities, and more

I have the honor of interning for the organization all summer where I am able to listen to those currently experiencing homelessness and intentionally respond to their concerns with initiative and leadership. Through my time at NEOCH, I have been able to work to improve the conditions of people experiencing homelessness through their Outreach Collaborative and shelter advocacy. I have also been working to meet the changing needs of people experiencing homelessness by providing resources and raising awareness of the ongoing changes during the Covid-19 outbreak. NEOCH has given me the opportunity to put together articles for their Cleveland Homeless Blog, as well as writing columns for their newspaper, The Cleveland Street Chronicle. Through my experiences, I have seen a diverse group of people experiencing homelessness come together, share ideas, make connections, and push for change.

For more information on NEOCH and to find ways to get involved, please visit


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