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Reflection of the Week: Caroline Maltese on working with Rainbow Connects

As I am nearing the end of my time at John Carroll and am preparing to enter the world of medicine, cura personalis is a Jesuit theme that I have been reflecting on a lot. To me, cura personalis means caring for every aspect of a person that makes them who they are. By working as a Rainbow Connects volunteer at University Hospitals, I have been able to care for people in a way that reflects this belief. The nurses, physicians, and residents at University Hospitals do a fantastic job at treating the patients physical wellbeing, but often cannot address the more broad issues such as housing or food insecurity, lack of access to baby supplies for mothers, or situations where a legal team may need to step in. It has been extremely gratifying to consult with patients, from human to human, and connect them to the appropriate resources.I have recognized the importance of meeting people exactly where they are at and speaking to them with empathy and understanding. In this position, my eyes have been opened to many social determinants of health, I have seen and understood the importance of the “whole-person” approach, and I have learned how to appropriately earn the trust and engage in conversation with those in a very vulnerable position. Being a Rainbow Connects volunteer has combined my love for working with others, my passion for equitable healthcare, and my newfound appreciation for cura personalis into one unforgettable experience!


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