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Writers in Residence's Letter Writing Initiative

Writers in Residence has launched a letter writing initiative to engage with residents at partner juvenile detention centers in Ohio.

This letter writing initiative is a response to COVID-19's disruption to the service program. The cohorts and juvenile detention centers have suspended volunteer services to prevent the spread of the coronavirus but that hasn't prevented the desire to engage with residents, especially during this challenging time. Populations in our society who are disadvantaged are impacted the most, which is exactly why our willingness to serve needs to adapt as we all get through this.

The mission of Writers in Residence is to teach creative writing to youth who are incarcerated in jails and prisons; foster a genuine, long-lasting relationship with residents; and free their voices through the distribution and showcase of their creative writing in our published chapbooks shared with the community. Click HERE to learn more about Writers in Residence

Click HERE to sign up for the letter writing initiative


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